Vray Infinite Light Fix MEL Script

Created during the Dave School production "Aliens Minimates", I created a MEL script during the Lighting phase of production that would allow the user to bypass an error that occurs when you reference Vray lights into a scene.

Sometimes, when you reference a Vray light into a scene, the intensity value will appear as "INF" which causes problems when it comes time to render the scene.

To fix this issue, the script takes the intensity value of each light that is selected and it creates an attribute on a controller with the name of each light. It then assigns the intensity value to that attribute. After that, it makes the intensity value on the light non-keyable, and it links the attribute on the controller to the intensity value on the light.

Making the light intensity non-keyable is the key to fixing the "INF" problem.

What you are left with is a controller with attributes that allow you to control the intensity of each light that was selected prior to running the script. 

This script is free for anyone to use, so if you want it click on the MEL icon below and the download will begin.

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