Houdini Take 3 - Ocean Waves

After watching some fluid sims that were done in Houdini, I tried to give it a shot. 

Although this isn't a true water sim, because it's just a piece of displaced geometry, I was still impressed by how realistic it looked.

For this particular sim, I wanted to focus more on the lighting and rendering.
I played with the ramp for the ocean until I got something I liked. The only changes I made to the default sim settings was changing the wave height and the amount of foam on the surface.

This was rendered using Mantra's PBR shader. Render times were around 13-16 minutes a frame with 1 spotlight and 1 environment light acting as the HDRI environment.

Total render time was around 52 hours for 240 frames. Not too bad but it could be improved.

Once again, Houdini does not disappoint.

Now I've got to do a real sim!