PLC MEL Script

Created during the Dave School production "Aliens Minimates", I created a MEL script during the Rigging phase of production that would allow my fellow classmates to select a prop or character and create a PLC and an offset Move controller just by running the script.

This script is most useful when a lot of prop rigging needs to be done. It greatly reduces the amount of time needed to do simple tasks like centering objects and making global scale attributes.

A summary of what the Script does:
     -Based on the bounding box data of the selected object, it centers the object in world space, freezes the transforms, and deletes the history on the object.

     -It then creates a controller labeled PLC with a global scale attribute, while locking and hiding the scale attributes.

     -Lastly, it creates a "Move" controller that allows for additional rotation and translation.

This script is free for anyone to use, so if you want it click on the MEL icon below and the download will begin.

5.65 KB